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Eye-Glass Keepers - A Perfect Solution

We have the perfect solution for an eyeglasses keeper, The SpecSecure by ReadeREST! Spending too much time looking for your lenses? RedeREST keeps them in line! The SpecSecure eyeglasses keeper allows you to have the confidence of knowing that your readers are safe and ready when you need them. Keep all your glasses protected with a holder that’s magnetic!

An eyeglasses keeper is hardly an adequate description for these simple eyewear accessories. Simple and fast, you can attach them anywhere. Keep those eyeglasses with you at all times. Using the power of magnets, the lightweight SpecSecure eyeglass keeper has two pieces that will automatically attach to your shirt, without poking holes in your clothes. Our wide selection of product designs allows your personality to finally meet functionality. Even Thomas Jefferson had glasses fashioned for every occasion! Now your eyeglass keeper can do the job.

Keep your glasses trendy with a holder designed to match your entire wardrobe. Be a fashion trend among your friends with one of our eyeglass keepers today! Forget outdated necklaces, lanyards, or cords! Our wide selection of eye-glass keepers allows your personality to finally meet functionality. Accessorize with SpecSecure its an amazingly simple solution to your eye-glass keeper problems!


Stainless Steel SpecSecure

About SpecSecure

The simple solution for eyewear management problems – keep your glasses within hands reach, safely and securely with SpecSecure by ReadeREST. Using the power of magnets, place the back plate behind an article of clothing and the front piece on the outside of your clothing – the magnets will automatically attach and self-center without poking holes! Simply hang your glasses. You can bend over without your glasses falling out. AMAZINGLY SIMPLE!